Washington Big Game Hunt Raffle Ending Soon

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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is closing their big game hunt raffle July 22nd, with winners being randomly selected at the end of July. The raffles are for some great big game hunts; black-tailed deer, mule deer, white-tailed deer, westside elk, eastside elk, California bighorn sheep, moose and mountain goat. Like last year, five multi-species raffle hunts will be available in which hunters can harvest multiple animals. Those interested can still buy raffle tickets at vendors, by law the over the phone and online sales are over. Each raffle will have one winner that will be notified in mid August. For more information check out http://wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/permits/raffles/. From KBKW Newsroom.


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Maybe someone will get lucky

Maybe someone will get lucky in this one like they did in Oregon, and draw a sheep, elk, deer, and the other big one which I am forgetting at the moment.  Anyway, there are some great tags in these raffles.

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only retail over the counter

I've been to the website twice and I can't see any way to buy raffle tickets online.  It looks like you MUST do it over the counter.  Did I miss something?

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it says it on the 1st page. 

it says it on the 1st page.  All online sales end because of some law. 

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Thank you.

Thanks - that SUX!

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Well that's what I get for

Well that's what I get for not paying attention. I had actually posted this raffle myself about a month ago but did not buy any as I was taking the time to think it over. Now I see this and realize it's too late anyway. The reason I waited is after looking at the odds I just wasn't sure that I wanted to throw more money away. It's for a good cause but I only have so much extra to use. The only tag I wouold really like to get is for deer with the blacktail being the most desirable for me. Maybe I'll think about it a little harder for next yeear and jump right away if decide I want to gamble. There's a few other states I'm planning to buy a few anyway.

Good luck to anyone here that picked some up, it would be great to see one of us win.

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Good luck to all the ticket

Good luck to all the ticket holders.

It does say that online and phone sales are over by law...have to go to a vendor, but they should have atleast said how to find a vendor.

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it sounds all good tell you

it sounds all good tell you go to the website and it says they can't sale the raffle tickets online.