Was it Mistaken Identity or Not in Bear Case?

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Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife responded to a call that a bear had killed a domestic goat. Officials killed a bear Sunday morning on a ranch owned by Elaine Johnson. The park department states they are 100% certain they shot the right bear.

This mother bear had been a nuisance bear, trying to get into homes, and had associated people with food. Park officials said if they hadn't shot the mother, all three of them would have eventually been killed. The mother was teaching the cubs bad habits.

Neighbors in this Crestone town don't agree with the park officials. The owner of the goat that was killed says she specifically told the officers that the bear that killed her goat was not the one with cubs. She had seen two different bears, one larger and one smaller.

Elaine Johnson, the owner of the ranch where the mother bear was shot kicked the officers off her land and told them they could not come back with out a warrant. She says the two cubs stayed up in the tree and when they came down they stayed by their mother's body.

The cubs were captured and taken to a wildlife center in Del Norte. They will stay here for a couple months and then be released in early winter. From 9News.com.


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Yeah it does look like they

Yeah it does look like they went out there and just killed a bear to make it look like they were attempting to take care of the problem.  She probably knew better than them which bear was the nussiance and which one not.  Too bad for the cubs and hopefully they will adjust to life in the wild.  My hat goes off to the ranch owner for throwing them off her land.  I too had not heard ofn this story, probably because they did not want us to hear it.

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Even though I live here in

Even though I live here in Colorado where this event took place I never heard about it when it happened. They usually like to make sure everybody knows especially if people think that something wrong was done and a bear was injured or killed that shouldn't have been. The tree huggers get a little wierd where I live. ANyway it seems like the woman was very sure it was not the right bear but that they killed it to show they were doing something and are now trying to cover there tracks. We'll probably never know fir sure but it's obvious some people are very upset with the results.