Volunteers Needed for Elk Hunt on St. Helen's Tree Farm

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Weyerhaeuser Co. will open their lands and give hunters with special elk permits more access to the St. Helen's Tree Farm. This will be the fifth year where the Weyerhaeuser Co. and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife work together to harvest some of the elk herd in the St. Helen's timberland.

Hunters will have access to 250,000 acres of private land. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is currently having a sign-up for volunteers to assist with the hunt. The duties include: orienting hunters, staffing access points and maintaining safety buffers between hunters and active Weyerhaeuser operations, said Sandra Jonker, regional wildlife manager. To volunteer you must go to at least one orientation - there are three different times to attend. The St. Helen's Land access hunting is during special elk permit season which runs from September to January. From The News Tribune.


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At first when I read this I

At first when I read this I thought ehy actually needed volounteers to go and do the hunting itself. As long as it can take to get a good tag anymore I thought that would be kind of strange so I had to go back and read it again. Of course I was wrong and they actually only ned some people to help out with the planning and to watch over the hunt itself as it progresses. I guess if you did not get the tag yourself and you didn't have anything else going on it could be fun to be a part of this one. Even if you can't hunt or don't have the tag it's always a good time to part of someone elses hunt and lend a hand.

Good luck to everyone involved with this one whether they have the tag or are just helping out, sounds like a lot of fun to me.