Virginians May Be Able to Buy More than One Handgun per Month

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In 1993 a law was passed in Virginia where a person could not buy more than one handgun per month. The Senate and the House have both passed bills of their own, to revoke this antiquated law. In 1993 this law may have seemed like a necessity, but today background checks can be done almost instantaneously and in most cases will prevent sales that should not go through. There is no need to limit a buyer's ability to purchase handguns. Law abiding citizens would be the only ones that are hampered by this law.

I think the limit by the government is arbitrary. I voted against it in ’93. Since 1993, since it became a law in Virginia, so many holes have been poked in it, so many exceptions have been made, that it doesn’t apply really to anybody except the people that are going to obey the law anyway." Said Sen. Creigh Deeds.

There is concern though about revoking the "one handgun every 30 day sale." New York City has a high rate of crime, and according to Mayor Bloomberg a large number of the weapons used are bought in Virginia. A 2010 report by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, ranked Virginia among the top suppliers of guns linked to crimes in New York.

Now the last hurdle is to get Governor McDonnell's signature. From Williamsburg Yorktown Daily.