Virginia Sunday Hunting on Private Land Bill Passes Senate

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After getting State Senate approval on Bill 464, it will have to pass Virginia's House of Delegates before the new legislation becomes law. Bill 464 would open up Sunday for hunters on private land, landowners could hunt on their own land, hunters could hunt on private land as long as they had the written consent of the landowner.

An amendment was added that hunters on Sunday must be at least 250 yards away from any place of worship.

There is concern that less outdoor enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the outdoors on Sunday if there are hunters. Stray bullets are a concern. Hunters, especially those that have grueling work schedules, appreciate the extra day to hunt.

"Personally I am ecstatic," said Curtis Colgate, a Virginia Department of Game and inland Fisheries board member. "I think a lot of rural senators recognized the issue that people should have a right to do what they want to on their own land on Sundays.

It went through the senate with a 29-11 vote. The house is expected to be a tougher voting pool to pass the bill. From


sunday hunting

I live  in Saint John New Brunswick Canada we have had sunday hunting for a few years now here we all like it we only have 4 weeks of hunting it starts on the 3rd week of october