Virginia Sunday Hunt Bill Killed Early by House

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Hunters were excited, the Virginia State Senate had passed SB 464, 29-1. This bill was going to allow Sunday hunting on private land, with landowner's permission. Now there are cries of foul play by the House committee, early Wednesday morning they killed the bill, supporters of the measure described it as a stealth attack.

Committee Chairman Lee Ware asked for the vote, it was 4-3 against, successfully killing the bill for the year. Ware continued to state that the hunters put in a lot of work on the bill, but were not all under one voice. It was also considered an accommodation for non-hunters to enjoy their Sundays.

Although it has been successfully killed this year, it is expected to be on the legislative table again next year, hopefully with a different outcome. From The Roanoke Times.


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  Hmmmm.  I just don't get


Hmmmm.  I just don't get it.  Why not allow hunting on Sunday - especially on private property?!?!?!  I would say taking this nonsense to court based on constitutional rights is the solution.  Or is there something I am missing?