Virginia Elk Reintroduction on Track

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According to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, the Virginia Board of Game and Inland Fisheries is making steady progress to reintroduce elk in 2012. When completed Virginia will join other states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, and others that have either reintroduced or are planning elk reintroductions.

The program will introduce 75 elk to the county, forming the basis of a herd that could eventually include 400 animals. “We’re right on schedule with the plan to introduce them in 2012,” said James C. Branham, chairman of the Buchanan County Board of Supervisors. “I’m not exactly sure when in 2012, but that’s the target date.” Most of the county’s residents have supported the plan to reintroduce elk to local forests. “We had a public hearing on it and I think we had about 80 some people there,” Branham recalled. “I believe we had two residents who expressed some concern about it to the group. “


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Very cool.  Once again, great

Very cool.  Once again, great to see this happening all up and down the east coast.

It's funny that they are scared of CWD.  The elk, as far as I can tell, will not be captive elk.  It's very, very rare to find CWD in a wild elk herd.  Especially if it only consists of 75 animals.

Plus, being a little more isolated from other herds helps with that also.

The accident problem could be an issue, but then again, cars are hitting deer everywhere.  I know elk are bigger, but still.

I wonder if they'll ever make it to Vermont..... Wink


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That is great...hopefully

That is great...hopefully everything works out like they want and maybe one day non residents will be able to travel their also to hunt elk.

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This is great, I hope

This is great, I hope everything works out and the plan goes forward, it would be nice to see elk in all of there historic ranges. Its the true conservationist like hunters and hunting groups that make this happen, not peta and other activist groups that claim to be on the side of the animals. Good job Virgina