Vermont Moose Lottery Licenses Awarded Today

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Today is finally the day, that Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department will award the 455 moose licenses through their annual lottery! The 455 include 50 archery licenses as well, this year being the first for the archery moose season. The archery season was started in response to interest from the bow hunting community.

The total number offered this year, is 1/3 that of two years ago. Which might mean the moose population is being properly managed, but not so good for hunters who are dissapointed with the low numbers of licenses awarded. 400 is roughly the number of licenses that will be offered in the foreseeable future.

There were 12,830 applicants for rifle season and 1,500 who applied for archery season. The winners are selected randomly by a computer.  Five of the rifle permits will be given to veterans of either the Iraq or Afghanistan wars through a special application process. The rifle season and the archery season both last a week in October.

It's quite an experience for people, because you may never get another chance,” said Cedric Alexander, a wildlife biologist for the department who leads the moose management project. “People take it pretty seriously and they often will hunt before sunrise to after sunset day after day after day. They hunt hard, they hunt in the rain, they get cold and wet and tired, but if they get one then they're elated. Then of course the real work starts.” From The Rutland Herald.

The Fish & Wildlife Department website where lottery results will be posted is


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Hey best place for moose tags

Hey best place for moose tags in draw are Idaho!!!

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If I ever get to hunt moose

If I ever get to hunt moose it will probably be here in my home state of Colorado. I'm always optomistic but after about 16 years of trying I'm starting to lose hope. It looks like the odds over there are about 32 to 1. Not very good but not as bad as I thought it might be. I may start to look around at some of these other states as well as my own as it would still be cheaper if I ever drew than heading to Canada for a hunt.

I'll get one someday but hopefully it's right here at home. They published a few pictures of 2 cows outside of Aspen at Maroon Bells in todays paper so it really got me thinking about them again.

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good luck all that draw a tag

good luck all that draw a tag for moose.  someday i will get a chance to hunt there, but for now i just get to take pictures of them.  so are the moose in Vermont Canada moose?

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really glad

I'm really glad to see the game department monitoring the herds so well.  Just the fact that they change the number of permits shows us that they are doing their job.

If I lived closer, I'd be temped to put in for an out-of-state tag.  But living over 3000 miles away, kind of limits the permits I put in for.  We have a huntable herd of moose here in Washington but the number of tags is exceedingly limited.  They just added a new category of moose permits for those over 65.  My chances are a lot better in this draw but still pretty slim. 

The one thing that bothers me is that the tag for over 65 is only for cow moose.  It's the same for an over 65 sheep tag.... ewe only.  I'm not willing to put in for the ewe because if I get the chance to hunt sheep, I want a big old ram.  Moose is another story.  I already have a dandy bull on my wall so the cow is OK with me.  A big cow would provide a heap of a lot of fabulous table fare.

I'm also glad to see that Vermont is offering an archery tag.  It's a totally different hunt and should be treated as such.  Washington once had archery goat tags but has since changed that to any weapon.  It sure destroys the chances for an archer.

Good luck to all who draw the Vermont tag.

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Wow I bet them are some

Wow I bet them are some pretty happy hunters out there right now. Someday I hope to get to chase moose in my home state of Colorado.  Good luck to all the lucky tag holder and hold out for a big one.

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Yep, saw this yesterday, and

Yep, saw this yesterday, and immediately got on the Vermont fish and game website to see if anyone I knew got one of the tags in the moose lottery.  Recognized one name, but don't actually know him.

I found out later in the day that a classmate I have not seen since we graduated got asked to be a sub-permittee on an archery hunt.  He's pretty stoked.

The one thing I find interesting, and I am not sure if it's a concern, or a good thing, is that the number of permits has gone way down in recent years.  The number of ermits topped out in 2008-2009, at 1251 permits.  Now, they only gave out 405??????  Either the moose population has levelled out to where they want it, and this will be the norm, of it declined drastically, and they cut the permits way down.

Whatever the case, 10,000 people apply, and they just lost almost 70% of the tags they were fighting for.  Makes it even tougher to draw one now.

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Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to the winners.  Cedric Alexander as quoted in the Rutland Herald article is right - it is hard to draw one of tehse permits so if you get one - hunt as long and hard as you can until you get your moose.  It might take a decade or more to get another chance.  Every year the hunt reports come back after the season and one of the things asked for is how many days did you hunt.  It is split out by those who got a moose and those who didn't and I just can't understand those folks who did not get a moose but only hunted a few days of the season.  Maybe they are afraid of "the real work" that starts when you get your moose on teh ground.  But what happy work it is!