Vermont Hunter Takes Albino Moose

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While details are not clear on the hunt or the hunter, it appears that a rare albino moose was taken during Vermont's 2010 season. has a short video with a photo of the moose here.

Mark Scott, director of Wldlife at the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, says albino moose are extremely rare. He guesses there are only a couple in Vermont.

"Some scientists say probably in the whole moose population, probably 1 in 100,000 is a true albino," said Scott. "This animal appeared to be a true albino -- it had pink eyes, feet, and no color at all."

The hunters behind this kill don't want to be identified, but the moose they harvested, estimated to be about 2 1/2 years old, is getting a lot of attention nonetheless.

Link to albino moose discussion on the forums.  


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Oh ok... so this is the same

Oh ok... so this is the same one that popped up a while ago that caimed that a teen age girl got it? At first I thought that another albino moose was taken in Vermont and I was astounded. The chances of a hunter bagging a true albino once is pretty crazy to begin with, but of it happening twice within the same state and during the same hunting season, than I would have to think that something wierd was going on. Aliens possibly... or maybe their department of natural resources has a thing for white moose ha. I still can not believe the comments that people have posted on that article. Who picks on a young person like that regardless of what they did. For one, she did nothing wrong and she should be proud of what she harvested. But let us say that she did do something wrong... That is not the way to treat (or speak) to a young person after making a mistake (which she did not!). Even if they wanted to let the girl know that they did not agree with what happened that is not the way of going about doing it. They brought themselves down drastically below the maturity level of a teenager.

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Something to consider about

Something to consider about the comments, if animal lovers would treat humans with 1/10 of the respect, compassion and caring that they do for the animals, the world would be a better place.  Unfortunately, they seem to believe that humans are substandard to animals and here to serve them.  So-called animal lovers are some of the nastiest people I know.

Some day...

Some day I'll get the Maine Moose permit, heck, it's only been 13 years since I started applying.  When I get the permit I hope I get an albino.  I'll put the thing, whole, on a flat bed and drive through Vermont on my way back to West Virginia.  I'll park by every Prius and Leaf I see and invite conversations on the ethics of harvesting albino moose.

It's easy to pick on a 16 year old girl, shameful, but easy.

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That is too funny, especially

That is too funny, especially the part about parking near every Prius.

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I think this is actually the

I think this is actually the one that I posted a couple of weeks ago in the moose forum.  The guy in the photo is not the one that harvested the moose, it was actually a 16 year old girl with her Dad acting as the guide.  If you read some of the comments in the Burlington Free Press, Vermont's local newspaper, you can see why they wanted to let the poor girl stay unidentified.  The BFP took the high road and did not identify her due to her age.

Great looking bull!

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I bet it would cost between

I bet it would cost between five and ten grand depending on the taxidermist to get a full body mount.  You think it might be something Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops might be interested in obtaining.  Not too many of them in existence I would think.

I wonder if the furor over this has died down.  People were pretty upset about the killing of the moose as if it was a special moose different than other moose in some other way than just color.

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I wonder what a full body

I wonder what a full body mount would cost for a moose? That would be a cool looking mount and conversation piece.

Now there's only one left in Vermont. I bet he really feels alone in the woods. Hahaha

That's two albino moose killed this year. Maybe they aren't as rare as once thought, just better at hiding. 

Thanks for posting.