Vandals Place Spikes on Roads to Deer Camps

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Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest, and Bossier Sheriff's Department would like information on vandals in the Plain Dealing, Louisiana area. Vandalism started last year in this area. Over 20 tires were ruined by sharp spikes that had been buried in the dirt on the roads leading to deer camps. No one has been injured, but there is a possibility that if anyone stepped on the spikes they would suffer severe damage to their foot.

Not only are the roads being tampered with, deer equipment has been stolen as well. Deer cameras have been stolen or damaged, tree stands have been vandalized, deer camps have been burglarized.

The vandalism has happened around Burnt Pine Hunting Club on Old Plain Dealing Road, Four “N” Hunting Club on Highway 160 and on private land near Peace Lane and Hope Lane. From


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  This is nothing more than


This is nothing more than criminal activity and should be far greater than a misdemeanor.  In time somebody will crash their vehicle and be killed.  This is nothing more than an extremist person or group that needs to be stopped now and harsh consequences be levied on them.  No simple fine, no simple community service - but real jail time.  I really hope these people are caught.  This is premeditated actions that can have life threatening consequences.  The use of trail cameras could definitely assist here.  Hunting is a legal sport and the activists that take their actions to this extreme need to be caught and jailed for a long time.  I put this right up there with poachers.  Both need severe punishments beyond simple fines or public service.




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I have heard of many

I have heard of many different cases of hunter harrassment but this is taking things to the extreme. It doesn't durprise mr thst there are people out there who would do this but it's disgusting that some people value the life of an animal over the life of another human. Hopefully they will catch the person or people who are doing this and hold them responsible first of all for the damages caused and then for attempted injury of some sort. I have had experience with harrassment from anti hunters where I live as it's a very anti minded area but it has only extended as far as verbal abuse and never to the point of attempted violence.

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 I second Ca_Vermonsters idea

 I second Ca_Vermonsters idea with the trail cams. Just wait til someone crashes there car because of these spikes, or as was said stepping on one. What the hell?

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Well, the messing with the

Well, the messing with the trail cameras and stands could be other hunters, or just plain thieves. Happens out here all the time. However, the spike is a different story.

That's getting pretty dangerous.  I have never heard of that tactic being used against hunters.  In the west, they were spiking roads and trees to damage logging equipment, but to protect deer, well, that's new.  Plus, it's Virginia, which is a relatively hunter friendly state.

Hopefully someone catches a climpse of these guys on a well hidden trail camera or something, and the authorities can bring some charges against them.


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I think if i was some of the

I think if i was some of the deer hunters in the area and band together and catch this jerks.  As hunters they may have to get pretty sneaky and put some cameras were they cannot be seen real well or maybe just have to hang out all night in the dark and see if they get someone coming in to do some harm.  I do not think I would confront them but I mat try to get a picture of them or atleast their vechile.  Hunter harassment is a huge deal lately and I know that people can get into alot of troub;e for doing it.  these people are looking at some jail time for theft and be vandals.  Hopefully they get caught and pay the price and maybe get their picture on the front page as a vandal and theif!

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Regardless if it is a thief, animal rights people or anti-hunters it is a crime and if it goes on long enough someone will get hurt.  In Colorado it is a misdemeanor as indicated below but I wish it was a felony. Maybe that will wake some folks up. Hope they catch these criminals soon!

It is illegal in Colorado for anyone to "willfully prevent or interfere with the lawful participation of any individual in the activity of hunting, trapping, and fishing." (Full text of the statute follows, below.) Penalties upon conviction for this misdemeanor include a fine between $500 and $1000, twenty license-suspension points, damages, and court costs.