Vancouver North Shore Residents Told Don't Feed Bear Cub

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A black bear cub and his mother have been separated from each other in North Shore. The black bear cub is scared and is hanging out up in trees. The North Shore Black Bear Network is posting signs about bear sightings in the area. Residents should leave the bear alone, as the mother is still in the area looking for her cub. The bears have ways to find each other. They scent mark and the mother should be able to find him, and will stay in the area until she does.

The Bear Network warns residents not to take pity and try to feed the bear cub, he could then become a nuisance bear if he associates humans with food. From


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Great advice giving here. No

Great advice giving here. No good come come from feeding any wild animal but bears in particular. They will become acustom to coming in regularly for a free meal. That type of behavior is deadly for the bear. First he will loose his ability to hunt food on his own. Second they will loose the fear of humans and start feeding in people yards or neighborhoods. I guess we had a small bear about 2 blocks away two weeks ago going through someones garbage. I live right on the fringe of town and woods. There was a bear a few miles away sniffing at someones trash and their dog tried to scar it however the dog was a small ancle bitter. The bear almost ate the dog as the home owner watched everything. There was a lady on the Oregon coast feeding bears and at any giving time she would have 6-10 bears in her yard. Her neighbors became very concerned for their own safety and reported her. She got into a lot of trouble over the whole situation. It's best to keep the animals wild. It may be fun to watch them come down into your yard but I would try to scare them away so they know to be affraid.

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Hopefully they have linked up with each other by now.

That’s some good advice arrow flipper.  Hopefully they have linked up with each other by now. 

Has anyone seen an update since this was posted?

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great advice

Great advice!  Do not take pity and feed the cub.  What do people think happens in the woods when mama looses little cubby?  She eventually finds him, he finds something to eat for himself or he dies.  That's nature.  Nature isn't always kind and loving.

Animals that are fed and taken care of become immune to human fear.  And it's the fear that keeps both the animals and humans safe.  Though wild animals become apparently tame, they are still wild and you never know what they will do.  Why take any chances?

What I'd rather do is set up a camera somewhere safe and take some pictures.  I just wouldn't want to be between mama and cubby when she returns.  She could be a bit unpleasant, to say the least.  And then she would be labeled a nuisance bear and have a record.  It's a win - win situation for everyone just to leave them alone.