Utah's Deer Unit Change May Mean 500 Fewer Permits

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Utah used to consist of 5 hunting units - for deer management purposes the state was divided it into 30 smaller units. Smaller units would make it easier to manage the deer populations in each of those 30 units. While working out the logistics and the number of permits for the 2012 deer hunt, the Division of Wildlife Board reviewed the success ratio per unit from the last couple years, as well as the buck to doe ratio per unit. After totaling all the numbers up, statewide there may be 500 fewer permits available this year.

By reducing hunting permits it will increase the buck to doe ratio. The biologists have set aside the desired buck to doe ratio for the different units. 14 of the units they would like to see 15 to 17 bucks per 100 does, and for the other 16 units they would like to see 18 to 20 bucks per 100 does.

The deadline for general season permits has already passed. The odds of drawing out and the number of permits actually available will be finalized in the weeks to come. From The Salt Lake Tribune.


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Hunting in Utah

Something has to be done because the bucks are just not there.  Utah used to be one of the best buck hunting states, but in the last twenty years bucks have been decling to a point to where you don't see many good size bucks.  It has gotten so bad that I was in favor of closing the entire state for a couple of years to let the herds build up.  Naturally it will not happen, but it sure needs something.  For out of state hunters like myself it is not worth the expense to travel so far only to find nothing but small bucks.