Utah Duck Hunter Gets Sore Butt

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A Brigham City, Utah man was spending an enjoyable day duck hunting with his friend, and his faithful companion his dog. He got out of the boat to move some decoys. Luckily he was wearing waders. He left his 12-gauge shotgun in the bow of the boat and his dog stepped on the firearm, firing a shot, hitting the man right in the rear. He suffered minor injuries, 27 pellets of bird shot from about 10 feet away. It is unsure whether the safety was on or not. From Startribune.com.


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I'm thinking kevlar waders is

I'm thinking kevlar waders is hte next big thing in waterfowl hunting....maybe for the owners of clumsy dogs anyway.  Clearly this dog didn't complete a hunter's safety course.

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Well, at least if he was duck

Well, at least if he was duck hunting, he was using Steel shot, so he won't need to worry abotu lead poisoning.... Wink

Seriously though, I recall this happening on a couple of occasions the last few years, where the dog steps on gun.  Glad to see the man will be okay.

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  #1 - glad the hunter is


#1 - glad the hunter is okay and will fully recover.  He was lucky that the waders slowed the shot down and he was lucky he was not hit elsewhere in a vital.

#2 - hopefully he has learned a lesson and this serves as a reminder for others.

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All the more reason to unload

All the more reason to unload the gun if you cannot keep it right next to you especially if there is a dog around that can knock the gun down.  I have heard ofmthis many times and it still amazes me that people do not learn from another hunters mistakes.  I am gald he is OK and will be able to hunt again.