Utah Approves New Deer Hunting Areas

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Currently Utah has five large deer hunting areas, but in 2012 there will be 30 smaller ones. This will enable better deer herd management. The smaller areas match where biologists already gather data on wildlife. It will be easier to monitor herds in the smaller areas. The Utah Wildlife Board is granting unanimous approval to a Division of Wildlife Resources plan to increase the number of places where hunters can get a license to hunt mule deer. From The Greenfield Reporter.


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I think this just makes

I think this just makes sense.  Smaller hunting areas allow better herd management and better hunter management.  I have never hunted in Utah before, but with 5 large areas, I imagine hunting some areas was simply insane with the amount of hunters that would hit a single area at the same time.  Not only does this seem like the quality of hunts would suffer across the board, but it does not seem like much action could be taken to manage local deer heards at all.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple of years.  It will be interesting to see if they divide the units further and how the preference point situation plays out. 

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I don't think that this will

I don't think that this will increase the number of places a guy can hunt like the article says as it's just breaking things into smaller pieces. The actual number of tags that will eventually be given out remains to be seen. I knew they were planning this change and I agree that it is a good idea but thought there would be even more units than they ended up creating. We have far more here in Colorado and I'm sure it would have been easier to do it now than change some more later. Any way I think this is a much better paln for future deer management. Now I'm going to have to look things over and decide where to apply next year as this could change the whole point game in some places.

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I wonder if this will result

I wonder if this will result in more, less, or the same amounts of tags for Mule Deer in the state.  I have hunted Utah, and did find it funny that they only had 5 huge zones.  I guess this could also help with the amount of time it takes for some people to draw tags.

Good to see this proactive approach to management of the mule deer herd though.  I guess afer they monitor herds, and say there is a dip in one small area of what was previously a large zone, they can just lower the quota for that specific section.  That would not affect the hunters across the rest of the areas.

Good plan.  It will be interesting to follow the results.

Utah regions

The regions will help the hunting quality in a few years and offer less crowded places to hunt. I live in Utah and the areas that hold deer are flooded with hunters, success rate on the rifle hunt is anywhere from 20%-30% mostly young bucks. Utah already has some good limited entry units in the state, but have the potiental for more units that hold quality bucks.

The state has been family hunting friendly for years, offering numerous general tags so the big family camps could hunt together. Utah has exploded in population in the last 10 years, more people means more hunters. In the long run it will pay off.