Two Bears Killed Opening Weekend in Nevada

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Despite the petitions and lawsuits, bear season started this week in Nevada. This year marks the first bear season in Nevada. There is a quota of 20 black bears, which when met will close the season. This weekend 2 bears were taken, both were female. Out of the 20 quota only 6 can be female, so there are only 4 females left to be taken. It is expected there will be more hunter activity. This weekend game wardens saw 15 to 20 hunters out in the field.

One of the bears was shot in the Pine Nut Mountains which is south of Reno and the other was tracked with dogs in the Carson range area west of Reno. Most of Nevada's population of bears is found in the Carson range, but some are found in other mountain areas.

The season goes through December but the longevity of the season is based on the number of bears harvested. Hunting females with cubs is illegal, and hunters were told ignorance would not be an excuse. Hunters must be sure of what they are shooting. From


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It's good to see that this

It's good to see that this hunt has gooten off to a good start as planned. With the lawsuits pending I was worried they would find a way to get it stopped like some of the wolf hunts in the past. Hopefully they won't kill anymore females and can actually reach the entire quota they have set. I know one of the guys on here has a tag but I haven't seen any updates yet to tell us hows he's doing or if he's gotten out after them yet.

It's always exciting when a state has thier first hunt of anykind as it shows how good a job of management has been done over the years as these new opportunities are added.

Good luck guys and I hope you continue to make this first season a memorable success.