Turner Buck Scores Big in New York

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After 60 days of drying it appears that Cathy Turner's buck has scored 181 6/8. According to the Democrat and Chronicle this puts the buck as the ninth largest ever harvested in the state and the largest ever in Monroe County.

"You don't typically see bucks like this," said Clarkson's Gerry Rightmyer, a Big Buck Club scorer for Monroe County who also measurers for Boone and Crockett. "To make Boone and Crockett all-time is a real testament to how big this buck was. It's quite an honor. I'm not sure if Cathy grasped her achievement."


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"Western New York" is a great sleeper area for Big Bucks

Sweet Corn, Apple Orchards, Abundance of Acorns, Clover and secluded Posted Private Property.  Perfect recipe for the many great Deer have been taken in that highly underrated area.  You don't see a lot of people taking the time to join Boone & Crockett and there is not the strongest SCI presence so you won't see a large public display of the scores this area produces.

We hunted in the nearby Town of Rush and took 5 decent bucks that same weekend.  She definitely shot a great one that many of the locals were chasing.  Congratulations!

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Holy Moly, that's a

Holy Moly, that's a biggie.

Where I hunt and grew up in Vermont is only 10 minutes from New York.  I have seen some big ones there, but never anything like this.

Congrats to the fine lady!!!  And with a bow, no less!!!

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Thats one nice buck for any

Thats one nice buck for any state!!! Congrats on that fine animal. I would love to harvest a buck like that.

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That is a rare buck indeed in New York state!

Congrats to the hunter and thanks for sharing the photographs and story.