Turkey Season Can't Come Soon Enough

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Edna Geisler of Oakland County, Michigan now smiles when she eats turkey. She wants to be able to do that to the turkey that is terrorizing her at her own home. Geisler has dubbed the large 25 lb turkey, Godzilla.

The turkey comes by daily from the woods next door, and being a territorial animal it has come at Geisler a few times. One day she couldn't get in her front door after a grocery trip. Godzilla attacks Geisler's friends as well. One friend opened the door to his mini van and the turkey tried to get right in, biting his arm.

A state wildlife expert says that the bird is getting the wrong message. That Geisler should take an umbrella and open it at the turkey to try to scare it away. They are territorial, and by retreating after the bird attacks sends the bird the message that what he is doing is working and to keep doing it.

Michigan's turkey season starts in April. Geisler would like it gone by the summer, so she'll be able to work on her garden without Godzilla's attacks. From KMOV.com.