TSA Stops Smugglers with Animals in Their Pants

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Within a matter of days TSA agents on the east and west coast stopped two possible smugglers. First in Miama, TSA agents saw something strange in a man's pants as he went through the body scanner. After closer examination they found 7 small exotic snakes, and 3 turtles that were in women's hosiery under the man's pants. Safe to say the man did not make his flight to Brazil. U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials seized the reptiles and the man was arrested and charged with violating the Lacey Act.

The next day at the Los Angeles airport, a woman was picked out for a pat down as her clothes looked overly bulky. The woman was heading to China. The TSA agents found two endangered birds, wrapped in socks, one taped to the woman's leg and one to her chest. She missed her flight as well and was arrested on suspicion of smuggling and exporting an endangered species out of the United States. From WECT6.com.


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Stuff like this is just

Stuff like this is just crazy. I'm sure the incentive and pay off is great but I can't imagine doing this kind of stuff. The birds are bad enough but to be taping snakes and other reptiles to your body is crazy. And these days everyone should be aware of all the heightened security and screenig that goes on and the limited success in getting these things through the system. i wonder what the penalties are for getting caught doing this?

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It's funny, but usually they

It's funny, but usually they are smuggling tropical snakes and birds INTO the united states.  TSA is keeping on top of things. Wink

Since I am quite familiar with these type of people, I get to see lots of interesting methods that people are using.  There are some good ones out there.  Never stops amazing me how creative these people can be.

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Snakes on a plane?

Snakes on a plane?