Trumps Face More Backlash

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After pictures surfaced from a hunting trip to Zimbabwe, Donald Jr and Eric Trump came under fire. Donald Sr. was quick to separate himself from the hunting, but this was not enough for one of the sponsors of Celebrity Apprentice. Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis, who was a judge on the show will no longer sponsor the show. He told TMZ, "I am totally disgusted by the [hunting] pics I have seen and was surprised to see them."

No other sponsors have pulled their support. Camping World seems to have jumped the gun, on thinking the controversy might spring a boycott of Trump related products. However, it may not get that far.

There is also support for Donald Jr. and Eric coming from many directions. "Anybody with a shred of honesty supports the Trumps, and all hunters, as the best damn hands-on value conservationists on earth,” devoted hunter and musician Ted Nugent told’s Pop Tarts column. “The Trumps are welcome at the Nugent family sacred hunting grounds anytime.” There were also tweets and other social networking cries of support for the young Trumps and their actions. They were on a legal hunt, and paid good money that helps build habitat instead of just complaining. Money does a lot more for the animals and their conservation than protesting and complaining. From