Is Transplanting Caribou Good Management?

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In the Kimberley area of British Columbia the Purcell caribou herd's numbers were dwindling. Government biologist took 19 caribou from the Dease Lake area, which is in northern B.C. and moved them to the Kimberley area, southern B.C.

5 caribou, which would be equal to about 25 % of the transplanted caribou have died. The transplanted caribou, were exploring their new habitat, and went to areas with deeper winter snow. 4 succumbed to mountain lions, and 1 fell into a creek and was unable to get back out.

Some mortality was expected and the project manager Steve Gordon said it is too early to tell whether this transplant is a success or failure. They are hoping that the caribou will calve well this spring and help boost the Purcell herd numbers. From