Trail Cams are Quite Handy in Catching a Thief

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A Michigan man had five trails cams set up on property he owns in the Sullivan Township. He was checking on them, and noticed three had been moved, one had been taken completely, and one was in it's original place. The man reviewed the images on his trail cam, and with this information was able to go to the police with an image.

His trail cam had images of a young man in the middle of the day, with what looks like the missing trail cam in his hands running through a field. (Police blocked out the boy’s face to spare his identity.)

Muskegon County Sheriff Dean Roesler said the image “definitely gives us an advantage.”

“It just goes to show that everything that we do these days is easily captured by technology now,” Roesler said. “The young man ought to just surrender himself and return the camera.”

That is exactly what the young man did. It was a 13 year old, who had stolen the camera, but has now returned it. He will be going through the juvenile court system, and has no previous incidents with the law. Anyone stealing a trail cam should realize that there is probably more than one in the area, and refrain from stealing. From