Trail Cam Catches Rare Photo of 8 Cougars on Game Trail

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Washington resident Brad Thomas captured a rare event on his trail cam, a total of 8 mountain lions. The image has been verified as authentic by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in Wenatchee. The Seattle Times has the complete story.

They don't exactly hunt in packs, don't travel in herds and aren't typically thought of as communal beings. The image of the mountain lion as a stealthy, solitary beast is woven into the fabric of the American West.

And yet there they were on a game trail in Eastern Washington — eight creatures famous for being loners, all huddled together as if attending some big-cat block party.


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Thats amazing.

I wish that picture was in color.  The unpredictability of Mountain Lions is amazing.  I've been fortunate to shoot two nice Toms under completely different circumstances and seeing a photo like this teaches you no one will ever know everything about any wild animal.

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Very cool.  Saw this on a

Very cool.  Saw this on a couple other sites this morning.

I wonder how long the peace will last, even though they think the cats are mom and daughter.  Heck, if any of those little ones are males, their time there will be limited.

Great photo, for sure!

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The most I had ever seen

The most I had ever seen pictures of before this was 3 adults together but they could have been a family group that had not split up yet.

Very impressive to see that many at once.

Would love to see that video when you get it.

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That is quite a shot.  I have never heard of adult cats travelling together in north america.  I figured that once the litter had grown and breeding was over they were pretty solitary animals.  This calls to mind the theories of the saber tooth cats (smiledon) hunting in packs and eliminating the mega fauna prey animals! 

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This comes as no suprise to

This comes as no suprise to me, I have a buddy who was on a elk hunt in the walla walla unit in NE oregon, he had his video camera and filmed a pack of cats(atleast 6 cats) attacking a herd of elk. The odfw said cats dont do that but when my friend showed the biologist the video he almost fell out of chair. I think this happens more than officals would care to admit. I'm sure some cats have figured out they can get more food hunting in packs. I know I'd hate to run into a pack of cats. I've been trying to get that video from my friend to post. as soon as i do i will show you guys, its pretty impressive.