Tourists Get a Little Too Close

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A group of tourists had signed up for a daytrip to Katmai National Park in Alaska, in August 2010. The touring company was Bald Mountain Air Service, which promises brown bear sightings from a safe distance. The group of 10 photographers got a bit more than that safe distance for viewing. A brown bear, thought to have been attracted by a scent from one of the members of the group, charged at the group. The guide told them to stay still. If a bear is given a chance to do the right thing, in most cases it will. All the people did indeed stay still, even if their instincts told them to do otherwise. The 8 foot grizzly bear sniffed, lost interest and left. With that the sightseers took a deep breath, some probably in a bit of shock but thankful that the group was leaving uninjured. The video wasn't posted on YouTube until February 2011, and has been receiving hits ever since. Enjoy.

From The Digital Journal.