Toddler Attacked By Cougar Recovering

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Julien is an 18 month old little boy who spent August 29th at the Kennedy Lake day-use area in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in British Columbia. Julien was with his 4 year old sister, grandfather, and a family friend when a cougar jumped out of the bushes and attacked Julien. Julien suffered two fractures to his skull and puncture wounds.

He was treated at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver and underwent two hours of brain surgery, the scars are now healing. Julien has returned to his preschool program, and his parents say he is almost back to normal. "[Doctors] were concerned a little bit on the right side, having difficulty with fine motor skills and balance, but he hasn't had any of those issues," said his mother. Julien will have check ups with local doctors to make sure there is no brain infection from the puncture wounds. From


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I missed this one when it

I missed this one when it first came out I guess. It's good to see the boy is doing so well and looks like a full recovery. I wonder how much he remembers and how it will affect him. Hopefully just a good bragging story a she gets older. I wonder why the cat didn't carry him away like they do with other prey? This was never really a concern of mine as it is such a rare occurence, my children are grown now but I will definately be talking to my daughter as they are frequently out hiking with my 2 year old grandson.

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Glad to see that he made it

Glad to see that he made it through everything and that it seems he is going to be fine. It is a very scary thought to even imagine something like that happening to one of my sons.

I hope everything turns out good for the family and the boy.

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Glad to hear that the little

Glad to hear that the little guy is gonna be OK.  I too have this same fear here in Colorado.  Never know where those sneaky little creatures are hanging out at.  While campoing I like to keep my 6 year old in my sight.  I know a cougar is alot faster than me but if I keep Dylan close to me asleatI might be able to stop an attack or keep if from doing alot of damage or killing him.

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Man, I said when news of this

Man, I said when news of this broke a couple of weeks ago, how much of a fear of mine that is.  Especially out here in California.  I took my son for his first nature walk when he was about 2 years old, and the whole time I was afraid of a mountain lion jumping out of the brush and trying to take him away.

I think I kept him about an inch from my side the whole time.  Even though you being killed in a plane crash, automobile accident, whatever, is way more likely than a mountain lion attack, I still can't get it out of my head.

Glad to see the toddler is recouperating. No motor skill problems, and almost back to normal are good things to hear. Keep it up little guy!

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i really feel for the family

i really feel for the family and pray for the kid.  It really sucks that this story doesn't say anything about what happened to the lion.  are they looking for it or what?