Timing Saves Jogger From Cougar Attack

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Alan McCarthy meets up with some of his friends for coffee most mornings, usually having three cups. This day he chose to stay a bit longer and have another cup of coffee, by doing this it put him on the road around 8:30 am. He was on Port Albion Road on his way home when he saw a jogger in the middle of the road. At first sight he thought the jogger was playing with a dog, but as he got closer he realized the woman was fighting off a cougar. As McCarthy drove up the cougar took off.

34-year-old Kiara Bisaro, was the jogger. She was in Port Albion visiting family, and had gone for a morning run. "She was almost to the dry land sort when she heard something come out of the bush and up behind her. She thought it might be a bear crossing the road and she turned around and there was an animal heading straight towards her," said her mother, Susanne Bisaro. There were no sticks or rocks to fight off the animal, Bisaro was able to keep the mountain lion away with her foot for about 10 minutes before McCarthy showed up. Bisaro has returned home and is okay just shaken up from the incident. From Canada.com.


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  It was probably very smart


It was probably very smart of her to face the lion and use her foot as a larger "instrument" to keep separated.  Had she continued running the lion would most certainly clawed or bit at her legs - or may have even pounced.  The car coming in at the most opportune time probably saved this woman from an eventual mauling or clawing.  We have several mountain lion sightings or issues each year on the western side of town that merges with with mountain range.  Pets become a very easy meal and it seems these lions become attracted because of this.  I would have to agree with Biker on this one - once these animals become accustomed to humans they become more dangerous.  As with the bear program, one interaction is forgiven the second interaction should require relocation or termination.


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I Agree

I agree with ndemiter.

The lack of hunting pressure has caused these, and other, animals to not fear humans. That will only lead to more, and deadly, consequences for those involved.

Thankfully my state allows lion hunting except during the months of May through August. That is long enough for lions to develop a fear of man, usually, which is healthy for all concerned in my opinion. My wife and I were at a golf course, eating breakfast, not too long ago. The workers and residents in the clubhouse were all agog over a lion and her two kittens. This lion decided to take a rest on one of the greens with homes close by. I made the comment that the lion having lost her fear of man needs to be shot. You would've thought I had spit in the Queen of England's eye by the responses I got.

I love lions but when an animal loses it's respect for man it becomes a problem as far as I'm concerned.



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It does sound like it's agood

It does sound like it's agood thing this guy drove up when he did as the situation could have changed for the worse very quickly. As far as attacks go this one is a little strange to have continued for ten minutes with no real injury. A foot is not something that would usually be considered usefull in holding a lion back. It almost sounds to me like the lion was not hungry at all and with no fear of people was playing with this woman like a house cat plays with a mouse or small bird. Fortunately it didn't get bored and end the game before help arrived to chase him away.

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Wow, to keep a mountain lion

Wow, to keep a mountain lion at bay for 10 minutes with your foot  Sounds a little exhagerated, but I am sure it was still a darn scary situation for the jogger.  Good thing the gentlemant drove by when he did.

And I agree, I think a lack of hunting pressure lets some of these animals become more aggressive.  I only wish California would allow lion hunting, even if it was on a limited basis.

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here we go again

Here we go again..... what's up with animal attacks???  I have read of more attacks this year than all the ones in the past twenty.  What's up?  I was talking with a man from British Columbia yesterday and he told me about a bear attack in Vancouver a week or so ago.  Maybe it's time to start packing a handgun?  This is crazy!

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i sincerely believe that the

i sincerely believe that the reason is the lack of aggressive hunting pressure. no more using dogs to actively pursue the critters. successful hunt or not, i'd like to see the critter with the brass to approach a human after getting chased by people with hounds.

hound hunting is now illegal all along the west coast, where the highest population densities are.

hey, even i was almost a kittie's lunch once.