Timing Is Everything

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A police officer from the Gilchrist unit in Oregon used his sirens and horn to scare off a herd of mule deer that were roaming on Highway 138E. Just after clearing the roadway of the herd, the officer clocked 21 year old, Ji Wang driving at 103 miles. Wang was charged with driving in excess of 100 mph, and faces a $1,100 fine, but is alive and well. From The Columbian.


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Timing is everything is true indeed.

Timing is everything is true indeed.  A few seconds literally makes the difference between life and death.  This is especially true when you are driving faster than is safe.  And I would argue that over a hundred miles per hour is never safe on public highways or anywhere except a closed track.  Officer Gilchrist should be commended, not so much for ticketing the motorist but for taking action that saved the driver’s life before the driver was even on the scene.  Driver Ji Wang is one lucky fellow!  He probably does not appreciate how close he came to not only totaling his car but actually being in danger of serious self injury or death himself.  At over a hundred miles per hour that young man might have ended up with a deer through the windshield and in his lap.  I have an aunt who once hit a herd of cows full speed (it was foggy and the herd was crossing the road from pasture en route to the dairy barn for milking).  She totaled the car, killed a couple cows and darn near managed to kill herself.  This is just another example that we should use as a lesson for safe driving practices.

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It has been cool to be

It has been cool to be hearing about alot of stories lately were people have been looking out for and standing up for wildliife.  I know I like to hunt them and all but I sure do like to head to the hills in the summer and take alot of pictures of them.  Always good to take the little boy out and let him see them....if we did not take care of them they will not be there for ALL of us to enoy!