Threats from EU Puts an End to Licensed Wolf Hunts in Sweden

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Last year Sweden conducted their first licensed wolf hunt in 45 years. During this year's wolf hunt 19 wolves were killed out of the 20 quota. The European Union stated that the wolf hunt was against a union directive. Swedish Environmental Minister Andreas Carlgren in a news conference, indicated that the “temporary halt” was to "ensure that Sweden does not lose the right to decid e on its own wolf population. The European Union threatened legal action if they did not halt the hunt. Carlgren says controlled hunts to deal with problem wolves may be possible. From All Headline News.


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Well it appears that we are

Well it appears that we are not the only ones with a wolf problem that are being hampered in controlling them the way we need to. But in this case it's the entire European Union contrlling the shots. As far as I know all hunting is much more controlled over there so it's no surprise I guess. Twenty wolves is not a big number to harvest in comparison to some of the goals over here so I wonder how many they have and what kind of damage or destruction are they causing or what is thier primary prey animal?

Hopefully they are successful over there as we are beginning to be here and can get them under control before they become the huge problem that we ran into.