Third Shot the Charm for Tranquilizing Black Bear

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A black bear was able to elude police officers for hours as it ran around a Lakewood, Washington neighborhood. Residents of the neighborhood had started calling 911 around 1:30 am Friday morning.  Wildlife agents responded and shot their first tranquilizer dart at the bear around 6 am. Then spent hours following the bear. The bear climbed fences, ran through the elementary school grounds which caused a lockdown.

Seattle television helicopters followed the bear, and showed footage of the bear walking down neighborhood streets. The wildlife agents followed the bear down railroad tracks to a creek bed where the bear was tranquilized twice more and fell asleep. Wildlife agents dragged the bear back to a parking lot on a tarp. The bear was checked for side effects from the darts and from the chase. The bear is fine, and is getting a trip to a remote area of the Olympic or Cascade Mountains where he will be released once he awakens. From


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Like the others I'm glad this

Like the others I'm glad this worked out okay in the end and the bear was captured before he became a real problem and had to be destroyed. I remember another case where one died from the tranquilizing attempts also. Hopefully he will do well in his new home and not put himself in another situation that he might not come out of so well.

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Well that makes for one tough

Well that makes for one tough bear.  I do not think I want to head up that way to washington and hunts bears if they are gonna be that hard to bring down.  Hunters better be packing some serious heat to shoot those bears...LOL!!

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Well, if at first you don't

Well, if at first you don't succeed..... :wink:  gotta say, I guess he just didn't want to go down.  3 times to tranquilize a bear?  That's one tough Yogi!

Glad to see that he did finally go down, and the authorities were not forced into haviong to use lethal means.  It would have been an unfortunate incident if he had run towards some of the people, and they had to make a quick decision to protect life and put the bear down.  Now, at least he'll have a chance to get out there into the wild and continue his life.  As long as he does not return to the populated area, he should be okay.

Good work by the wildlife officers!

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  Wow!  Great to see that


Wow!  Great to see that this bear could eventually make it to the point of being reintroduced into a new area to allow it a new life.  We have read way too many articles this year where a bear was not able to be tranquilized and removed to another area.  All too often these animals have the same adrenaline going within their bodies that one tranquilizer does not do the job intended.  And as such creates a scenario that puts humans into a dangerous situation.  Fantastic that this story does not end in tradegy but rather an allownce for future wildlife preservation.