Think About Fido When Hunting in the Cold

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Hunters can bundle up and take precautions to ward off the cold weather while afield. Dogs however rely solely on their human companions. While outdoors this winter season make sure you help Fido out.

Deicers are used this time of the year on the road, so getting Fido some booties for his paws would be good to keep the chemicals from his pads or washing off his feet with warm water and applying some antiseptic after a day running afield. Washing them before Fido is able to lick them will help deter ingesting any of the chemicals used for deicing. Also dogs can get clumps of ice between their toes which can make them limp. Checking for the ice buildup periodically will help make the day longer. Older dogs may have arthiritis flare ups in the extreme cold. If your dog starts limping or has tender areas, a vet visit might be needed.

Fresh water is something that is hard to come by in the freezing weather. Remember to pack some water for your hunting companion. From The Leaf Chronicle.