Thief Caught With 500+ Bull Elk Antlers

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Reuters is running a brief article on the theft and recovery of a couple of record sized bull elk antlers at the NRA convention over the weekend. Reportedly the two sets of antlers scored 486 and 522 and were valued at more than $500,000.

Other police officers at the convention in Pittsburgh had detained the two men with the antlers, police said. The vendor, an elk hunter who runs a guide service in Rexburg, Idaho, identified the antlers and they were returned to him, according to police.


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semi truck loaded with five hundred sets of elk antlers ??????

Ok when I first read this headline I thought someone had a semi truck loaded with over five hundred sets of elk antlers!    

Now that I see what the headline actually meant that seems a little silly, lol.    

But anyway – if these guys are thieves then grand larceny it is.  No difference between antlers or a $500,000 automobile in the eyes of the law.  How stupid can you be?  If you were dumb enough to steal them, how dumb would you have to be to try to sell them?  What were they hoping to get? $500 at a pawn shop?  Some folks just don’t use their heads.  Wasn’t it Guns and Ammo magazine that used to run the article every month called ‘Dumb Crooks’ ? These guys are not quite as bad as the Darwin awards but it makes me shake my head to think that they have thrown away their reputation on something so stupid.  I guess it’s the same with greed all over the world whether its white collar insider trading or sneaking away with twenty four feet of elk’s boney head gear.  I guess we should all be glad that we are not so tempted and that our minds don’t work like that! 


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Unfortunately for them, it's

Unfortunately for them, it's not that easy to unload a set of 500 inch elk antlers.

That would be like someone trying to unload an Honus Wagner baseball card at a Pawn shop or something. 

Don't know what they were planning on doing with them, but they are not too bright.