That's A Lot of Bear

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After having an unsuccessful deer season Tyler Wilbur was not expecting very much for bear season. It was a rainy day and Tyler Wilbur and his hunting group were staying in a cabin in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

Early on November 17th Tyler was in his tree stand when he observed a bear in a corn field. He waited, and came to the conclusion the bear was not going to come any closer to him, so Tyler took matters into his own hands. He decided to close the gap between him and the bear on foot.

With a hill between them, Tyler was a little leery as he came to the crest. He topped the crest, did not spot the bear and was a little worried as to where the bruin was. He waited at the top, and then saw the black bear. A little more waiting for the perfect shot, and when the bear was broadside to Tyler he used his crossbow to place the shot.

At this point Tyler didn't know whether to follow the bear or to call his dad at the cabin. Tyler decided to go back to the cabin and let the bear expire. When Tyler returned with his dad and cousin, Tyler got to see the mass of his bear. The game warden didn't have a scale that could quite measure the bear, it was so large. The live weight was 704 lbs, 663 dressed, 64" in width and 10 to 12 years old.

"I'm so thankful to have harvested such a neat looking animal," Wilbur said. "Never to this day have I ever thought I would have even had the chance to shoot a bear like this." From


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Big Bear

Now that's a big bear!!

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Wow, that is indeed a heck of

Wow, that is indeed a heck of a bear.  there are some great bears to be had all throughout that area, and Pennsylvania is no exception.  There is kinda that strip from Wisconsin, down through Pennsylvania, and into the Carolinas, where the bears grow big and mean.

Can't imagine trying to stalk up on that thing, especially with only a crossbow.  That guy had to be more than a little surprised when he saw the sheer size of that animal.  And, given the past events, including one earlier this year I believe where a guy out west was killed by a wounded bear he tried to follow, this guy was pretty smart to let the bear expire.  Not just for safety, but to let him calm his own nerves a little bit.

700+ pounds?  Wow, and no scale to measure it? Not something you see every day.  Congrats to the lucky hunter!

great bear

so how big was the head i wish i new

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Wow that is a great

Wow that is a great bear..congrats to the lucky hunter.  To stalk a bear that size and with a crossbow to boot takes alot of nerve.  Glad he was able to complete the stalk and take home his bear.

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  OH HECK YES!!!  That is one


OH HECK YES!!!  That is one outstanding brut of a bear!!!  Congrats to you Mr Wilbur!!!  The adrenaline rush had to be a tidal wave!!!

Okay I would love to harvest a bear but one that big and with a crossbow - I think that bears lives another day - and I hunt in a tree closer to where I saw him yesterday.  Now if I had my rifle - yes, I am a little more brave getting down out of that tree to close the gap for a shot at him.  Wow - what a story to tell for a long time.  It doesn't say but I wonder if that is a rug or a full animal mount?  I just read another article on bear success and I wrote off PA because their bear success rate was lower with a lower amount of animals harvested.  I just may switch back to PA for a possible future black bear hunt!  Another interesting fact here is that the field dressed weight was only 41 lbs difference - I would have thought it to me far more.  Also - he definitely did the right thing in going back to the cabin for dad and letting that bear expire.  We have read where a person died earlier this season in Idaho/Canada boarder by going after a grizzly too soon after the shot only to find a charging bear.  Again Congrats on a trophy animal.




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Great job on an absolutely

Great job on an absolutely massive black bear. I have never taken a bear but I would be happy with one even a third that size if I ever get the chanec at one. I have never hunted them seriously but am trying to make plans for the near future. We have a lot of them here in Colorado I just never seem to see any when I'm hunting. But others I know see several every year. I just need to change my areas to get serious about it. Sneaking up on one that big with a cross bow definately had to be an exciting experience and one I would like to enjoy as well.