Texas Wildfires Take Toll on Wildlife

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The serious drought and wildfires in Texas are having a heavy impact on wildlife. According to the Star Telegram, Texas has reported 8,000 fires already this year with some burning more than 150,000 acres.

The stage was set over the last two to three years for many Texas wildfires in a number of West Texas counties, said rancher and hunting outfitter Skipper Anderson of San Angelo. "It was a perfect storm waiting to happen," Anderson said. "We have had extraordinary rains for the last two to three summers that created a lot of new grass and other vegetation, which helps fuel the fires."



maybe Fires are good

Thinka bout it. More brush is burned so less hiding places for them critters so goona be real fun huntin them down with my bow and arrow in the few tiny patches that they are sneakin in. No hiding places now, right. Right???

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All i can say is wow!! I've

All i can say is wow!! I've been watching the coverage on these fires on my local news, right now it may seem devesating to wildlife in a few years when new plant growth comes around the wildlife will have a lot of good new food to eat and once again flourish. I feel for the families and people who have lost there homes and everything they own. Tha has got to be the toughest part of all of this. Hopefully theweather will coaperate and firefighters can get the upper hand on these blazes. Fire season out west is just around the corner. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people who hae lost there homes in this mess.