Texas Pronghorn Restoration Moving Forward

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Over the course of two years, 400 pronghorn will be captured from the Texas Panhandle and relocated to the Tans-Pecos Region. The project has come together through an interagency cooperation between the Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Sul Ross State University. OA Online has the complete story.

“We plan to capture no more than 10 percent of the animals from any standing herd,” said Dr. Louis Harveson, professor of Natural Resource Sciences and director of the Borderlands Research Institute at Sul Ross. He is also a member of the Trans-Pecos Pronghorn Working Group. “This will barely scratch the surface of the pronghorn population (near Dalhart), but it will help to relieve some of the pressure.


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Always cool to see some

Always cool to see some animals get inroduced into new places.  Texas would be another cool place to hunt them, problem with Texas and hunitng from what I have heard is alot of land is leased up and really hard for an out of stater to find a place to hunt.

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Pretty cool. They already

Pretty cool. They already have lopes in the state, so it shouldn't be too big a deal to replant them elsewhere.

What I would be cautious about is them ending up on one of these high fenced ranches.  Texas is know for their ranches, after all, so I would be a little leery.

What if they strayed onto private land, then someone decides to erect a fence????

Might be silly, but something to be thought about.

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Good deal, I love when

Good deal, I love when animals are reintroduced in to areas, hope it all works out and the herds grow and eventualy be hunting on them. It seems like parts of texas would be great habitat for lopes.