Texas Heat Delays Hog Hunting Show

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"American Hoggers" was going to premiere on A&E on August 16th. The heat has caused the producers of the show to delay filming though, and will postpone the beginning of the show until a later unknown date.

"American Hoggers" follows a Texas family, the Campbells, of central Texas that hunt wild hogs. The wild hogs of Texas have become a nuisance and recent legislation has enabled ranchers to shoot them by air. The show will premiere sometime in the fall now.

David McKillop, executive vice president of programming at A&E, says that "in this record-breaking heat, even the hogs can use a break." From The Sacramento Bee.


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Yep, I agree Hunter.  It's

Yep, I agree Hunter.  It's funny to watch these other shows, which are entertaining for sure, but they will go through all this work, to catch one or 2 hogs.  Then, after talking it up in the beginning of the show how much damage they do, and how quickly they breed, these guys will celebrate like one hog is going to make and impact... lol

As I have said many times, not alot of people out there really want to stop the hog "problem".  When they can get anywhere from $250, to upwards of $1000 for a hog hunt in some places, how many people are going to give that up?

The best method would be for them to just open their land up to hunters, without a charge.  Even then, it may not be effective.

I am looking forward to the show though.

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Most of these shows are

Most of these shows are interesting and fun to watch but I don't believe any of these groups do much to control the hogs. Ususally on one of these shows they go in and capture kill or trap one or two hogs and then say thier work is done with a big smile. There are far too many of them down there for that to be very effective. Althought there are many that would in fact like to see them gone and allow as many to be killed as possible there are even more that see them as a cash crop and manage it for the hunters to come and pay. I have been down there several times hunting now and it gets more expensive or limited by the ranches every time. I have finally found a rancher that sees them as a nuisanec so get a pretty good deal but it's still not as cheap as it was.

The heat and drought were really bad so I'm a bit concerned for our deer hunt more than anything else this year. I'm sure the hogs will be fine as usual though.