Texas Drought Expected to Affect Hunting Season

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Nine months and still going, makes the drought in Texas one of the worst in the state's history. The wildlife are not finding water, nor is there as much water in their normal food, grass and trees. The animals are coming into town more, looking for bugs in the lawn and other sources of food. Wild turkeys, quails, deer are all facing lower numbers because of the drought. Also with the deer, due to lower nourishment there will be a lot less antler growth, so those that hunt for trophy deer may be out of luck.

Hunting season may be helpful though in reducing the wildlife depending on the food on the range that isn't there. Fish are being affected as well, the trout are expected to have lower numbers. Feral pigs numbers are also dropping, which most will find the only plus to the drought. From The Chicago Tribune.


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The drought is bad, but where

The drought is bad, but where i was this time last year in Texas it was really dry and i still saw a lot of deer..  heathly looking deer at that.  i know it can all change in 12 months but from what i saw. the land owners and lease holders are doing a pretty good job making sure there is food and water.   

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Im starting to get a little

Im starting to get a little worried with all the drought information coming from Texas. I have two hunts planned down there in the next year and I'm afraid the quality will not be as good as it could be. I'm not worried about getting a monster buck or anything I'm just hoping the game doesn't leave for better areas. I will be hunting deer on private land but the only water was supplied by a vreek and ditches so if it dries up it could turn into a big problem for us. As long as I see deer I'll be happy but when you go so far from home it males you a little nervous. My second hunt is for aoudad next March way down south and I believe that area is even drier still. This area is always dry though and I think will weather the situation better. Every trip to Texas has been great and it's too late to change anything now so hopefully it all works out for the best.

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Alwya boggles mind the hear

Alwya boggles mind the hear about droughts in a given yera and then we have places up in North Dakota that are under 6 feet of water.  Funny how nature works at times.  Makes you wish we could just transfer som of that water to all parts of the states that need it the most.  here in the last few days here in Colorado we have had some pretty bad monsoons and the rivers are runing high yet again after we had some late thaws from the mountains.  So alot of our lakes are full and we have alot of water in places were we usually have none.  Strange how things work out.  Hopefully Texas will get some moisture soon.