Texas Bill Would Allow Helicopter Hunting of Feral Hogs

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The crop damage being wrought by feral hogs in the Lone Star State hasn't missed the attention of lawmakers. Recently the Texas House passed a bill that would allow landowners to hunt feral hogs from helicopters. The bill only focuses on hogs that are causing crop damage and would not allow airborne recreational hunting. KTen.com has a write up on the bill and the damage feral hogs can cause.

Howe farmer Scott Renfro lost 5 acres of crops to feral hogs this year, but that doesn't compare to the more than 20 acres of crops he lost during a previous planting season. "It's very disappointing for the hard work you put into it to go out there and get your field ready to plant," Renfro said.


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I would have a problem with

I would have a problem with this if it was for recreation hunting, but since its for removing problem hogs I dont see anything wrong with it. To me its just another method for pest control. I have seen some say for them to make money off these pigs and I'm sure they do, but i have also seen ads for free 3 day hog hunts so that tells me the farmers just want the stupid pests gone. I would love to make my way to Texas and help them out with there problem. I have never been hog hunting and would love to. Good luck to Texas and the other state facing this infestation.

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I know that tese feral hogs

I know that tese feral hogs can be devasating but I am not sue I agree with this method to  get than unde control.  I actually watched a video of this same typeof hunting done in Austraila and it takes not time to wipe them out.  I would think they could muse this opputunity t make a little money off them.