Texan Kills Black Bear Seeking Water

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Texas is facing record drought conditions. J. Whittenburg V said Thursday it's "unbelievable how many varmints and critters are coming out of the woodwork" seeking food and water during the drought. Whittenburg lives on a private wildlife preserve in Mountain Home, Texas. On Wednesday he and his two dogs were out on the property and encountered a black bear. Whittenburg shot the bear, and killed it. He said he felt threatened by the bear who was on its way to a pond.

Texas Parks and Wildlife came to the preserve to investigate. The bear was 2 years old and weighed a little over 100 lbs. They think the bear had walked over 150 miles from Mexico in search of water. A routine investigation is currently underway as the black bear is an endangered species. From AP Texas News.


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I agree that it looks like

I agree that it looks like something is out of place here. If the bear was looking for water then back out and get out of the way. I know the drought is bad but I doubt he traveled 100 miles without any water just to get to this small pond here. I see it was a private game preserve where he met his end, kind of ironic there. It looks more like in this area he had never seena bear before and with all the attacks across the country took advantage of the situation to take the shot. I could be completely wrong though as it appears he did report it right away, he really may have felt threatened but in a situation where he was not.

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Yeah, sounds a little fishy

Yeah, sounds a little fishy to me.  A small bear, heading to a pond.  Of course, we don't know if he was cornered when he felt threatened, or was just a little gung ho and shot the bear, then came up with the story later.

I also wonder why it says a black bear is an "endangered species". maybe there is no season in Texas because there is little/no population, or maybe it's some mexican subspecies, but there are plenty of black bears across the country.


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He live on a wildlife

He live on a wildlife oreserve and he was feared for his safety from a what sounds like a pretty small bear.  Sounds kinda fishy to me??