Tennessee Kills Deer Farming Bill

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A bill that would have allowed whitetail deer breeding and farming in Tennessee has been withdrawn from the House committee before a vote, effectively killing the measure. According to the Commercial Appeal, the Tennessee Wildlife Federation took a dominating roll in lobbying against the bill.

"The Tennessee Wildlife Federation led the charge, but our members and supporters did the real work," said Mike Butler, CEO of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation. "More than 1,500 e-mails and phone calls have been directed to members of the Tennessee General Assembly during the past month from hunters and wildlife enthusiasts who know the breeding and sale of deer as livestock is a bad idea."


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We do not need to be rasing

We do not need to be rasing elk and deer.  Farms like this usually cause more problems that good.  We had some elk farms here in Colorado and with the CWD going around it made it into the farms and killed all those or it got into the farm and spread outside of it.  Regardless it is all bad.

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I'm glad to see this got shot

I'm glad to see this got shot down. I dont agree with raising wildlife like livestock. I know of a few elk farms in my state and I dont like them. Its fun to drive by and show my kids some elk on our way to the mall but I just dont agree with wildlife as livestock. The one I'm refering to is about 3 miles from my house and they have about 30 elk. The fence they have is about 12 foot tall. they have signs posted that elk outside the fences are wild and i have been by and seen a dozen or so elk outside the fence which i get excited about cause they're wild. and there less than a half mile from a pretty busy town. Anyways, I'm glad the farming of deer bill has gone down.

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It's really a shame that this

It's really a shame that this kind of "farming" ever got started in any of the states!  For people to actually go into a lot of these places that let you kill an animal in what most of us call a "canned hunt", when it is nothing but killing, is shameful and does legitimate hunters a huge disservice IMHO!!!  All it really does is give the anti gun and anti hunting groups another reason to try and outlaw legitimate hunting.