Tennessee Free Hunting Day August 27th

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To revive the love of hunting or reintroduce or introduce someone to hunting Tennessee will have a free hunting day on August 27th. State residents will be able to go hunting without license and WMA permit requirements.

August 27th is also the day squirrel season starts, which is a long time tradition in Tennessee. Squirrel hunting starts a half hour before sunrise and ends a half hour after sunset with a limit of 10. Animals that are allowed to be hunted are squirrels, and the year round animals; armadillo, beaver, coyote, groundhog, and striped skunk.

Those who are participating in the free hunting day still need a hunters education certificate. From TheChatanoogan.com.


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  I have read of and


I have read of and participated in free fishing days.  I have read of and participated in free park entrance days.  I have never heard of or participated in a free hunting day... however, I think it is an outstanding idea.  The ability to get somebody out hunting on a free day allows for minimal cost involvement by the individual and most likely a greater success rate at achieving new hunters into the sport.

Now the day they picked for this I really do question.  I can see squirrel and even groundhog as both would be easier game to shoot and harvest.  But the other animals?  I have seen armadillos squashed on the highway but have never seen one "in the wild".  I would think coyote hunting would be a very low success rate of harvest and most likely only the best shooters being the ones happy hear.  Beaver?  They better speak with SGM here before going out.

A good idea I just question the date to hold this during what is currently open season.


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Sweet!  We can go hunting for

Sweet!  We can go hunting for armadillo!!! lol

Seriously?  I didn't even know they existed that far north. Great thing though.  Free hunting and fishing days are a very good way to get people involved in the outdoors.  If we each took the time to even introduce one more person to the sport, our numbers would stay strong, and we would pass on our pasttime to our younger generations!

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I think this one is

I think this one is absolutely great and was surprised when I read it. As far as I know there are not any other states offering a free hunting day at all. I know that many states offer a free fishing day or weekend but this is the first I've heard of hunting. I try to promote the free fishing day every year as I know and work with many people who have never given it a try and not having to pay is the only way that they will. Usually without fail after that one free day or weekend they are hooked and and can't wait to start getting thier own gear and really get into it. I would bet that the hunting day could have very similar results. I do think however it's far more important for guys like us to get involved to promote and help these new hunters to get interested and give it a try. I know if you ask around you will find at least one new person every year. Especially if any of your non hunting friends have young kids that might be interested but afraid to ask question about it.