Tennessee Elk Apps Open April 1

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Perhaps facing some of the longest elk draw odds in North America, Tennessee opens its public elk hunt application up on April 1st. Last year 9000 hunters applied for a chance at just four permits, a fifth is auctioned off. The Tennessean has a write up on the applications process and the hunt.

The five-day hunt (Oct. 17-21) takes place in North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area, north of Knoxville. There are almost 400 elk estimated in the herd there. Having a permit doesn't guarantee you'll go home with an elk. Three permit holders each shot one elk last year, but two came up empty — beyond the thrill of the opportunity.


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Wow! Those are pretty slim

Wow! Those are pretty slim odds! I guess if a person really wanted a Tennessee permit bad enough, he could get on that eBay auction.

Good luck to all those who apply.