Ten Wyoming Antelope Deliberately Run Over

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The Wyoming Game and Fish is offering a $5,000 reward for information about the deaths of ten antelope that were deliberately run over. According to The Denver Channel, sometime on February 18th and 19th ten antelope were run over between Baggs and Dixon just over the Colorado border. The pronghorns were scattered over a 190 yard area on both sides of the road.


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I read the short article but

I read the short article but this one is kinda strange. I wish they would say why they think it was deliberate. I have driven this stretch of road many times and it is fairly rare to see any in the road and I've never seen a whole herd. Antelope are fast and the ability to hit 10 of them seems impossible. There would be something seriously wrong with someone to take pleasure in doing this on purpose. I'm just not sure how they could do it at all.

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Huh, unbelievable!  As you

Huh, unbelievable!  As you said Jaybe, it takes all kinds of people.

I found one comment on another page that had this story, and he/she had an interesting take on it.

He said that the person must have been driving a tank if it was still running after hitting 10 antelope.

I imagine they found tire tracks turning around, circling back and forth, probably why they say it was deliberate.

Sad to see it's only a $5,000 reward though. Hope they find him.

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My mother used to say, "It

My mother used to say, "It takes all kinds of people to make a world". You were sure right, mom, and this is just one more example of why that saying was true.

This was obviously the work of some real "zeros" who must have made multiple passes with a vehicle to accomplish this senseless slaughter. The meat was wasted and this just reduces the resident herd by that much more so that the legitimate practice of hunting is further impaired.

Let's hope that the authorities were able to collect enough evidence to apprehend the guilty person or persons.