Tejon Ranch Killed Mountain Lions Illegally

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Tejon Ranch offers hunts in California with prices from $1,000 to kill a wild pig to $20,000 for a trophy-class Bull Elk. Black bear hunts are sold for $4,500 and pronghorn antelope can be hunted and taken for $4,000, from The Mountain Enterprise.

Ex-employee Bron Sanders, claims they also hunt illegally. Tejon Ranch orders their employees to kill mountain lions without following the California Department of Fish and Game regulations. Mountain Lions are protected in California, and to kill one there are steps that must be followed. First a depredation permit will be issued from a cat livestock kill, this permit is only good for one cat and steps must be taken to ensure it is the right cat, the carcass must be turned over to the DFG within 24 hours. Don Geivet, Vice President of ranch operations allegedly ordered employees to use a permit on multiple cats, and Bron Sanders was ordered not to hand over carcasses.

Sanders has brought a lawsuit against Tejon Ranch, stating when he objected to the illegal hunts there was retaliation against him at work. Sanders was fired December 10, 2010. The suit asks for lost wages, damages and attorney’s fees. The Associated Press reported Sanders seeks $500,000.


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Hopefully this report is not

Hopefully this report is not true and just the complaints of a disgruntled employee. but if it is true it needs to be dealt with severely as we get very little support as hunters in the state of California and things like this make it even worse. Obviously the mountains were cutting into the profit margin a little bit and they decided to use illegal means to control them a little bit more than allowed. Obviously I don't agree with the mountain lion ban in Californoi but the laws still need to be followed.