Teen Shot While Coyote Hunting

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Cody Boutwell and Matthew Sandquist, both 16, were hunting coyotes on Tuesday evening in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Police were called after Boutwell fired his .22-caliber rifle, hitting Sandquist just above the sternum, in the throat. Sandquist was rushed to Monadnock Community Hospital and then flown to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon. He is in stable condition. Luckily for both boys the incident was not fatal.

Fish and game were called to the scene. Neither of the boys had hunting licenses, and Boutwell had not completed a hunter safety education class yet. There is an open season year round on coyotes, but one needs a hunting license to hunt them. Boutwell could also be charged with negligent discharge of a firearm while hunting, Fish and Game Lt. Craig Morrocco said. The charges, if any, against Boutwell will be determined by the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office. From UnionLeader.com.


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Wow, one lucky kid.  Goes to

Wow, one lucky kid.  Goes to show you though, no license, no safety class, then you have a problem.

Glad to see he is in stable condition.  I bet he'll think twice about going out to shoot coyotes or any other animal prior to taking a hunter safety class.  Even if you don't hunt, it's a great thing to know how to safely handle weapons.


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Sure am glad that it did not

Sure am glad that it did not turn out worse than it did. I  am sure there would be some kind of cosequenses. People need to learn that you need to follow rules. Were did the kids get the 22 and who let them go out hunting when thet obviosly had no hunting experiance and if they did no one taught them right.

Hopefully of these kids are going to keep hunting they need to get there safety classes.

I am glad the kid turned out alright. Remember SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY. 

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It sounds like it was a

It sounds like it was a miracle that the other boy wasn't killed instantly or paralyzed for life.  Did anybody else notice that the shooter's dad had been convicted of shooting his estranged wife and another man in 2008?  I really hope this was a stupid, simple accident, and not something more twisted.  

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Cases like this are horrible

Cases like this are horrible and fortuneatly it didn't turn out even worse. I'm wonder if these guys had any experience at all or were just trying something they knew nothing about. It says they were hunting but who really knows. The value of hunter safety is a given and could of helped avert this from happening but with proper upbringing it could be avoided as well. It was not required when I was a kid in Wisconsin but my dad made very sure I knew safe gunhandling and the laws that needed to be obeyed.

I assume that even though they were coyote hunting that this was only a .22 rimfire as I'm sure that the results would have been much worse considering the shot location. Hopefully if they are truly hunters a strong lesson will be learned and they can continue on properly.

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Wow what a story.  There is

Wow what a story.  There is an obvious reason here why we require a hunters safet course to be able tio hunt.  You just need to be able to be under complete control of that firearm while hunting at all times.  I am glad to hear that the boy id gonna be OK.  Hopefully they learned a very valuable lesson from all this.

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Very tragic story, It could

Very tragic story, It could have been a lot worse for the boys, I hope the young man makes a speedy recovery and they learn from this event. Hunter safety classes do work, One of the first things taught is muzzle control and knowing your target and whats behind it.