Teen Faces Felony Charge for Deer Farm Poaching

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A 19 year old man sneaked into a deer breeding farm at night last week near Houston, Minnesota. He shot a large 14 point buck with his bow and arrow, cut the fence, and took the buck, leaving a trail of blood. The owner of the deer farm knew right away the next morning that someone had stolen something very valuable from him.

The owner does not want to be identified, but is very angry. He and his brother own and have worked on raising the trophy sized bucks for the past 15 years, and to have someone sneak in at night and take that from him is criminal.

Not only did the 19 year old kill the buck, by cutting the fence he released 14 other deer into the wild. 12 have returned to eat, but 2 bucks are still missing.

After taking the buck, the 19 year old tagged it, reported it to the DNR and took it to a taxidermist. He took pictures with it, posing as if it was rightfully his. The antlers and the meat were returned to the farm owner, but does little to soften the blow. Now there is a question of security for the farm, as well as the huge financial loss of the deer.

Mark Johnson, executive director of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, said the case had little to do with hunting. "This obviously was livestock, a penned deer, and it would be akin to horse thievery, Johnson said. "This was not hunting, it was stealing." From GrandForksHerald.com.


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I'm sorry, but this guy

I'm sorry, but this guy probably deserves to be taken out of the gene pool.  Does he seriously think he can shoot, then pose with a captive deer of that caliber, and nobody would recognize it??? lol

Too funny.  Hopefully he gets stuck with some jail time and a pretty hefty fine.  Not to mention, he's gonna get stuff for destruction of property too. Could be out alot of money by the end of this.

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I didn't look at it the way

I didn't look at it the way you did, but you're absolutely right. 

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No sympathy for this

No sympathy for this criminal.  I hope he gets jail time, a fine and has to pay restitution to the farmer.