Ted Nugent Under Investigation in South Dakota

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The hits just keep coming for the Nuge. After pleading no contest back in August to charges of baiting deer, Uncle Ted is now under investigation in South Dakota for a pheasant hunt he tweeted about.

According to the LA Times:

Andy Alban, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department law enforcement administrator, would not discuss Nugent or the investigation. "It’s against our policy to comment on active investigations," Alban said.

South Dakota is a part of several states that will revoke hunting licenses under the "Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact". Whether Ted's hunt in South Dakota falls under the Wildlife Violator Compact remains to be seen. He was hunting at the Dakota Hills Shooting Preserve, which according to its website includes a out-of-state hunting license with its hunting packages.


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don't know

I don't know what happened - but given my experience with government and the reputation that law enforcement bureacracies have for accuracy, when considered against Ted Nugent's reputation and the things I have heard him advocate steadfastly for years, I'm gonna give Uncle Ted the benefit of the doubt on this one.  If he had a technical violation of law I dare say that it was probably unintentional.

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These hits aren't the kind

These hits aren't the kind "uncle Ted" wants or needs.
I'm glad you included the interview with the WV paper or tv station, which ever. Before reading that interview, I felt like Ted was guilty as charge. Upon reading this interview, I feel quite differently. What would be good is if you can dig up the video of the hunt. After watching the video, some people say he shot a spike while he and others contend he shot a forkhorn buck. To me it seems pretty clear cut, but I need to see the video to solidify my opinion.
As to the current investigation, he should have addressed the question with the DOW before it became an investigation. It perplexes me that someone who devotes his life to this sport, doesn't take the time to ensure what he is doing is legal.

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I have many friends who saw

I have many friends who saw the original video, and a couple immediately said that he had just shot a spike.  They thought it was very clear, and that is a big nono in California.  So, unless he wants to debate that, then yes, he broke the law.  As for the "baiting", that seems to be alot less clear.  Not sure what went on there, what he knew, or what was done by the outfitter.

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it sounds like if they have

it sounds like if they have it on video then it is pretty clear if he violated the law or not.  If he did, then he should just man up to it and move on.  I suspect if he did it wasn't because he ignored the law, but simply wasn't fully informed on the prohibition on spikes.  however, as the old saying goes, ignorance is no excuse and he is guilty.

I didn't see the episode, why was the baiting issue less clear?

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I just read an article

I just read an article yesterday that Nugent will be banned from hunting in Kansas for two years because they belong to the compact of states that honor each other's bans.  Perhaps the original penalty fit the "crime" but when you compound it with all the other bans you have to ask if it isn't a bit harsh for the violation?

I don't know all the details or really the truth about what happened, but if it was an unintentional violation then it does seem harsh.  And maybe he wasn't guilty but plead because of the hassle of fighting it without thinking about the unintended consequences of doing so.

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It is kind of hard to see

It is kind of hard to see through all the smoke and figure out what actually happened in the California incident. One thing was for certain though, you knew that the Nuge would not be going down silently. It will be interesting to see what comes out of his efforts to espouse corruption within the California Game and Fish ranks. He is a charasmatic figure that can definitely moblize efforts in his favor. Only time will tell what happens with this South Dakota charge. I sure hope he is innocent, because him getting convicted of poaching does not look good for hunters as a whole. He is one of our most visible spokesman and we need him to be a shining light for our cause. Hopefully when the dust settles he will have a clean record.

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Ted Speaks Out

In an interview on West Virginia Outdoors, Ted speaks out about his California wildlife charges.

"I Ted Nugent do NOT break game laws ... I am Mother Teresa with a bow and arrow." Ted certainly has a way with words. Visit the link to read Ted's account of what happened in California.

Jaybe, its safe to assume that this quote from the LA Times; It’s against our policy to comment on active investigations that there is an investigation.

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I guess I'm confused.

If it's against policy to comment on active investigations -

  - and if it was only the Nuge's TWEET that reported that he was hunting pheasants in SD after the license revocation in Calif. -

  - where is the proof that he's actually under investigation at all?

 In the article on Artist Direct I keep seeing the phrases, "may have done this or that", "may be under investigation"...

I think we should be careful to not assume too much.

That's not to say that "Uncle Ted" didn't break the rules - anyone who has watched very much of his TV show realizes that he certainly has no love for Big Brother Government -

  - add to that the fact that he's just a little bit brash ....

 .... maybe a whole lot brash -

And you have all the makings for the possibility that he indeed did do a no-no, and may have enjoyed doing it!

BUT - it still doesn't seem like it's a for real deal - - just an assumption at this point.