Taser: The New Backcountry Defense

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If you spend a significant amount of time in the backcountry, chances are good you either carry or have considered carrying a sidearm for defense. Taser has developed a "less lethal" solution to carrying a sidearm, that fires electrically charged probes rather than bullets. According to Taser the gun is specifically designed to incapacitate wildlife, presumably moose, bears, and any other threatening wildlife.

The Wildlife TASER electronic control device is a revolutionary new multi-shot ECD that can engage multiple targets, and deliver a calibrated Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) pulse from up to 35 feet away. The Range Adjusted Dual Laser System increases effectiveness, while providing a more humane means of animal control for wildlife.


riojohnmckinney's picture

Sure thing! Piss Off the Bear with that thing! That"ll work.

When the bear eats the hiker the company will claim the taser malfunction was due to operator error. My Taurus won't malfunction and the big cat or bear always gets a warning shot and always runs away. The plus is, I the hiker do have the option to kill the animal if I must. There is always a chance the taser just tickles that animal enough to strengthen its resolve to kill you. What if the tang that shoots out of the taser hits dried mud on the bears hide and doesnt properly penetrate, will that be called operator error when bear devours man? That is a one shot deal. I wouldnt rely solely on that for protection as a camper/hiker/hunter in bear country.

groovy mike's picture

not for me

If I feel threatened enough todecide to shoot something I will certainly NOT be looking for a "less lethal" option.  I want a MORE lethal option!

No taser for me.  No thank you.