Swedish Hunter Brings Down White Elk (Moose)

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Mats Broberg was hunting in Sweden with his brother and their hunting dog, when his brother spotted the white elk and called Broberg to tell him it was coming his way. Broberg saw it from 40-50 meters away and shot it, hitting it in the lung.

The elk weighed almost 300 kilos, had a crown with 15 points, and was estimated to be between 3 and 4 years old. The white elk was first seen in the 1930s in Sweden. Although it is uncommon their numbers are growing in Varmland county.

”We estimate that there are 50-100 white elk in the county out of a total of 20,000 animals,” said Gunnar Glöerson, game manager from the Swedish Hunters' Association.

When the elk was taken to the slaughterhouse about 50 locals came to see the rare animal. From The Local.

Note: Sweden Elk is what we call moose in North America.


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Wow!! that is an amazing

Wow!! that is an amazing animal. a white shoulder mount would look very nice on the wall. It's illegal in my state to shoot albino and piebold animals. I have never seen an albino animal in the wild here and even if I did I wouldn't shoot it anyways. I would just take pictures. I gess I missed the offensive post here but like Wade said it's just someones elses opinion and everyone is entitled to them. From time to time we get anti's on here making rediculous posts and they do get removed but I see nothing wrong with someones opinion whether I agree with it or not. Retired thanks for the link. I really liked to additional pictures.

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What a beautiful animal. I

What a beautiful animal. I have never yet seen an albino or any other color phase big game animal while hunting. I did see a black squirrel when I was a kid and tried to go after him a couple of times but never pulled it off. Here in Colorado unlike some other states it is legal to kill one and if ever I get the chance I will do my best to make it happen. I missed the post that has been removed but apparently some don't think this is right but that's just another opinion. I read somewhere that albinos generally don't live as long as others but I don't remember the reason given.

Anyway if ever I get the chance I will take the shot.


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That is a pretty cool trophy

That is a pretty cool trophy that guy is gonna have on his wall.  he could probaly charge admission and atleast pay for the taxidermy bill...just kidding.  in all seriousness that is truly as trophy of a lifetime I would happ to take a elk(moose) lie that.  I have seen picturss of North American albino moose before but obvioisly never seen one with my own two eyes.  to get pictures of one woulld be a gereat experince also.  Congrats to lucky hunter.

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Retire2hunt, I did flag it

Retire2hunt, I did flag it but failed to say so. Hope others flag it too.

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Flagged as Offensive

I "flagged" the offensive post and submitted it to the editor. He or she is obviously ignorant and should be banned from the site.


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Amazing Trophy

That is an amazing trophy and I would have no issue harvesting that animal if it was legal. Not sure why folks think a white big game animal should be protected anymore that a normal colored animal. My biggest problem with harvesting an animal like that is I do not have the room in my house for a full mount moose!

Side note; I hope the editors remove the post using the foul language. You can disagree with the hunter taking the animal but explain yourself and there is no need to word it like it was.


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That is one cool looking

That is one cool looking moose. That would be one great trophy to have hanging in your trophy room.

I would love to shoot a albino deer here in Iowa but I think they are protected. I know of a couple of sightings here close to my hunting grounds but like I said I do not think you can shoot these rare deer.

It is to bad that there aren't a little more of these rare animals so that we could at least take one in a lifetime.

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Now that is Cool!

Now that is a cool looking Moose! I guess they are allowed to use radios and tracking dogs in their Moose hunting process. Here is the link to 5 more pictures of the animal.


At nearly 300 kilos the animal was about 600 pounds.