Swedish Anti-Hunters Threaten Armed Conflict

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Sweden's wolf hunt that is currently underway has spawned lawsuits and protests, but one group is threatening to kill hunters. A rap group called "Follow Him to the End of the Desert" even had a photo shoot posing with rifles and dead, bloodied hunters.

The Local has a write up about the wolf hunt and the protesters.

[The group's] Facebook fan page features provocative photos of activists wearing masks and holding rifles behind mock bloody hunters shot dead. They are wearing t-shirts which read "Die Wolf H8tr Die". Police in Dalarna are taking the threats seriously and have strengthened their preparations.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Man, some of those comments

Man, some of those comments after the article are just scary.  We're up against some real idiots, it appears.....

Chuck-n-Alaska's picture

Welcome to the club Alaska

Welcome to the club Alaska has been fighting these jerks for years and still are. When you read some of the comments you got to wonder which is the worse predator. At least the wolves do it from instinct not from blind stupidity.