Sweden Plans Another Wolf Hunt

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North America doesn't have a monopoly on wolf politics. Sweden recently authorized a new hunt for next year that authorizes the take of up to 20 wolves. This year Sweden had a quota of up to 27 wolves. According to Swedish Wire, the odds of taking a wolf are very low.

This year's hunt, when all 27 wolves were killed in just the first four days of the season, was the first since 1964. The hunt was blasted by ecologists as rushed, cruel and lacking coordination, as some 12,000 hunters had been granted permits to kill the 27 animals.


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I wish I was more informed on

I wish I was more informed on the wildlife populations of Sweden and their style of wildlife management but I can not say that I know a lot about it. One thing that strikes me as strange with this story is the fact that their quota allows them to harvest 20 wolves but that their are only 15 licensed hunters to fill that quota. How is that going to work exactly? Who is the lucky guy that gets to take more than one wolf and how do they go about deciding that. If a guy is out there and has a shot at two wolves and does it... then good for him. But what if this happens to all the hunters? They are going to end up exceeding their quota. And it sounds like this hunt is already controversial enough. They are going to make it a lot harder on themselves if they exceed the quota they set. This quote is a little strange as well:

She pointed out that in areas known to have "immigrant" wolves or their offspring, and thus with new genes, "no hunting permits have been given."

This means that the packs that are not experiencing the immigration of new genes into their gene pools are the ones that are getting hunted. If there truly is inbreeding depression going on then they need to transplant individuals between packs or let them go about doing it themselves. I need to know more about their situation but it doesn't sound like it is being handled very well.