Swan Blamed for Caretaker's Drowning

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Anthony Hensley was kayaking on a pond Saturday morning, in a Des Plaines, Illinois area pond. Hensley worked for a company that used swans and dogs to keep geese away from the properties, and Hensley was using the kayak to check on the animals.

Officials think Hensley may have gotten too close to a swan or the swan's home. The swan went after Hensley, who then rolled out of the kayak. Hensley tried to swim ashore, with the swan still attacking him. When rescuers arrived Hensley was under water, and cause of death was drowning.

Hensley's father-in-law says that Hensley loved animals, and thinks maybe he didn't fight off the swan as strongly as he should have to not hurt the animal. Hensley leaves behind a wife and two children. From Chicago Sun-Times.